About the Artists

Brendan first encountered Arielle on the blues/fusion dance floor, where they immediately had a remarkable and dynamic synthesis of their diverse dance backgrounds (which collectively include ballet, ballroom, blues, capoeira, contact improv, contemporary, flamenco, fusion, international folk, jazz, kizomba, latin, modern, parkour, swing, tango, tap, and zouk). After dancing together socially for a couple of years in a very sporadic fashion, they finally wised up to the fact that they had an unusual connection with unique potential, that it went far beyond a fun spin around the floor. There was really no viable reason not to explore a serious partnership and see where it would take them. They began to dance wherever and whenever they were inspired, with the object of making dance a part of real life rather than confined to a prescribed context, and soon both they and their observers came to recognize their work for the art that it was. Brendan and Arielle have been exploring and performing together since 2015, and also enjoy teaching fusion workshops on such subjects as connection, rhythm & flow, and how to build a successful dance dialogue between partners.


Arielle is a multifaceted artist whose inspiration constantly seeks its equilibrium among visual, sonic, and physical elements. An avid fusion dancer, her experience includes ballet, tap, modern, contact improv, Luigi jazz, modern/contemporary, salsa, tango, zouk, blues, swing, ballroom/latin, flamenco, and American square dancing. With multiple degrees from the Juilliard School (music) and Fashion Institute of Technology (fashion design, haute couture), Arielle explores the convergence and interdependence of many art forms - especially dance, music, and fashion/costume design - while striving to achieve fluidity and flow in every collaboration. For more info, on Arielle’s other pursuits, please visit www.arielleharp.com.

Brendan Patrick McGlynn

Brendan McGlynn grew up social dancing to Motown tunes at his family's house parties. During college, he toured with an international folk dance ensemble. Brendan learned the Lindy Hop hanging out with the legendary Frankie Manning, and later taught the dance at New York City's leading dance schools, including DanceSport and You Should Be Dancing. He has performed on numerous occasions, including at Radio City Music Hall with Tony Bennett, at the Rainbow Room with Nell Carter, and at the Mohegan Sun Casino with Ben Vereen. Brendan believes in the healing power of dance, and revels in sharing his love of the art form with all those around him.