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New York City's most effervescent monthly fusion dance social in Manhattan!

Don a fabulous festive outfit for our

Holiday Ball on December 17th

featuring awesome LIVE MUSIC by Alan Markley

as well as tunes spun by DJ GiaSoul and DJ BPM!

Feel free to bring a tasty nibble or sip to share.

8:30PM-12:30AM EST | Every 3rd Saturday

Complimentary guided warmup and lesson 8:30-9pm

Ballroom Hub 412 8th Ave, NYC between W 30th & 31st Streets - 4th floor Just south of Penn StationDial 0010 and press CALL on the Large Keypad for Entry(Press each button slowly and firmly until you hear a beep after each one. The CALL button needs extra pressure.)
Accessibility: elevator‪Problems? Text or call 347-433-7077‬ Follow on Facebook for the latest event updates.

$20 cash or click below

Sketch artists welcome - $5

(There will be no still poses as this is a dance event.

Chairs available, BYO supplies and setup.)

Proof of vax + boost or negative rapid test within 4 hours of arrival required

The original artwork used above was created by the amazing Andrea Selby while viewing Arielle & Brendan's dance demo



The Pearl Dive Policies.

The Pearl Dive endeavors to provide a nurturing space for people to connect through the creative movement discipline of fusion dance. We welcome people from all backgrounds to negotiate compelling dance partnerships, assert themselves in their physical space with kindness and grace, and engage in creative risk-taking, boundary exploration, cultural exchange and kinesthetic collaboration. As we strive to ensure that a warm, welcoming environment can be enjoyed by everyone, we ask participants to consider that this undertaking includes a degree of physical risk, and to act responsibly and with care for yourself and your fellow dancers. Join us in our mission to enlarge the space for fusion dance as a moving art and creation of shared presence. Together we can connect with others, have a healthy dose of fun, build community, explore the boundaries between social and performative dance, and create beautiful pearls of shared physical expression.

By entering the space, you affirm that you have read, understood and agreed to abide by the following terms of this Event:

  1. Don’t be a jerk! Be responsible, respectful, and considerate to everyone and everything around you, including the venue’s environment. Consent is paramount in interacting with others, especially when including physical contact. Please accept everyone's personal choices on and off the dance floor, including identities, pronouns, and dance roles. Do not assume that someone will dance with you in the same way or the same role that you’ve seen them dance with another, or even the same way with you for multiple dances. When in doubt, ask.

  1. Make sure you are freshly washed and sanitized before you enter the dance floor! Proper hygiene is crucial both for health and aesthetics. Please help us protect our community by taking care of yourself. We recommend washing/sanitize your hands periodically throughout the evening, and we encourage everyone to bring extra shirts and deodorant to refresh throughout the night. Not only will you prevent the spread of germs, you'll also promote the flow of inspiration, which is often hampered by distractions like strong body odor or bad breath.

  1. Expansive dancing should be done ONLY when you make sure you have enough space around you, especially lifts/dips/kicks/floorwork/etc, and should only be done with enthusiastic consent. Make sure you only attempt ideas you are able to execute. If you see something new that you'd like to try, we encourage you to seek out a learning opportunity such as our weekly fusion worshops, lessons by other instructors, or people willing to share their skills. We're very glad you're inspired!

  1. Communication is key to good collaboration, and sometimes non-verbal communication isn’t enough. Speak up if you know you have boundaries that might not be obvious (such as injuries or personal preferences and boundaries). Stating boundaries clearly and in advance can usually prevent a lot of issues (example: "please don't do any lifts or dips with me tonight")! If someone does or says something that makes you uncomfortable, tell them what it is as soon as you can. Respond positively and respectfully when someone expresses themselves. Notify one of the organizers (Arielle, Brendan, & Andrea) or the person on desk duty if you need any support, or email us at pearldivefusion@gmail.com.

  1. The Pearl Dive is a creative arts space, not a space for sexual conduct or propositions. While some dancers may choose to explore sensual or romantic gestures with close physical contact, this artistic decision MUST always be a consensual choice, and should NOT be misconstrued as an invitation to lewd behavior. The purpose of this event is to collaborate on the dance floor, not to seek a date or hookup. While finding a new romantic connection is a possiblility, that should never be the expectation or goal of attending this event, nor should that be pursued here. Please help us build a culture where our participants to feel free to co-create and be expressive without the fear of unwanted sexual/romantic advances. If you experience or observe any issues, please talk to one of the organizers if you need support.

  1. DO NOT ATTEND if you have symptoms of any communicable illness or condition - we don’t want to catch your common colds or skin rashes any more than we want to catch COVID! You must provide proof of full vaccination/booster before entering the space. Please understand that an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public space where people are present. By attending The Pearl Dive, you and your party voluntarily assume all risk related to any potential exposure to COVID-19. Masking is strongly encouraged - do keep a mask handy in case someone you want to dance with asks you to wear one while dancing with them.

  1. You understand that fusion dance is both a physical and social activity and may involve social interaction of various types including close physical contact with others. As such you voluntarily assume all liability and risks involved in observing and/or participating in the Event, and will hold neither The Pearling Principle, Dancing for Life NYC, Ballroom Hub nor their associates liable in any way for any negative occurrences at or resulting from participating in the Event.