Fusion Freakender began as a serendipitous convergence of regular events in New York City, and now continues to evolve to bring you more three-day fusion adventures! 

Please check back here, follow us on FB and Instagram for updates on the next Fusion Freakender 2025. 

Thank you so much to all who attended the 2024 Edition in June!!

Friday, June 14 - Melting Pot at You Should Be Dancing 37 W26th St 2nd Floor

Saturday, June 15 - The Pearl Dive at Little Dreams 412 8th Ave, 4th Floor (Door Code 1913* on small keypad)

Sunday, June 16 - Deep Dive at The Brookyn Lair (Message for address), Tango-Zouk-Fusion Collusion at Pier 26 Manhattan

DM on FB, Text or call 347-433-7077‬ or email pearldivefusion@gmail.com

Our heartfelt thanks to all the lovely people who joined us for the July 2023 edition of Fusion Freakender as well - it was a truly EPIC adventure that you created with us! From perfect outdoor weather to dancing with gusto in a sudden torrential downpour, finding connection while braving the heat and humidity, and closing out multiple unsuspecting venues every night, it was truly a weekend to remember and a wonderful celebration of The Pearl Dive's 1-year Anniversary!

Fusion Freakender & Pearl Dive Policies.

We endeavor to provide a nurturing space for people to connect through the creative movement discipline of fusion dance. We welcome people from all backgrounds to negotiate compelling dance partnerships, assert themselves in their physical space with kindness and grace, and engage in creative risk-taking, boundary exploration, cultural exchange and kinesthetic collaboration. As we strive to ensure that a warm, welcoming environment can be enjoyed by everyone, we ask participants to consider that this undertaking includes a degree of physical risk, and to act responsibly and with care for yourself and your fellow dancers. Join us in our mission to enlarge the space for fusion dance as a moving art and creation of shared presence. Together we can connect with others, have a healthy dose of fun, build community, explore the boundaries between social and performative dance, and create beautiful pearls of shared physical expression.

By entering the space, you affirm that you have read, understood and agreed to abide by the following terms of this Event: