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Join us for weekly Sunday open rehearsal dance exploration in NYC as we workshop and practice our skills and artistry in preparation for our monthly  event, the Pearl Dive, as well as Pearling in the community. Fusion dance encompasses the broad matrix between social and performative dance, fine art and folk art. Material will include multi-channel connection, artistry of movement, musicality, balance, weight-sharing, and more. 


Summer Sundays 3-5pm at The Brooklyn Lair (except when noted, see FB invites.

Join our WhatsApp chat group or email for address & details.

(1st floor, up a few small steps from the street)

Comfortable indoor dance shoes or socks and stretchy clothing recommended (as well as extra shirts and deodorant!). 

No street shoes on the beautiful sprung studio floor, please.

Past Topics include:

April: Artistry & Air Steps

Our bodies are our medium, our brushes, and our canvas.  We will expand and refine our expressive  palette of gesture and form by exploring movement quality, and building safe basing and flying techniques.

March into Musicality

We’ll be experimenting with various dance-music relationships including a very wide range of genres over the next four weeks, developing ways and means to channel and connect that inspiration between ourselves and our partner. 

February: Footwork Fun

Each week we will explore different variations from foundation through expansion, building fluency in rhythmic complexity, stylistic phrasing, and lots of embellishments. Improving our facility in synchronizing and contrasting our partner’s footwork is a great way to increase functionality and artistry in both lead and follow roles!

Arielle & Brendan recently presented two workshops at
Motley Hue Fusion
Sunday, May 5, 2024
Ripley-Grier Studios 939 8th Ave @56th St

When teaching Fusion, Brendan and Arielle draw on material from over 20 traditional partnered and solo dance forms as well as concepts from contact improv, parkour, and abstract role play. Through guided experimentation, their goal is to liberate your social dancing and create a conversation between partners with a broader range of dynamics, movement quality, and responsive ideas.

All participants will lead/follow/switch, and learn various techniques that can expand your dance from the duo  while maintaining skillful connection during multi-partner dances. Stretchy comfortable clothing recommended; socks/soft dance shoes preferable – hardware and heels not recommended!

Workshop 1: Fusing with Finesse - expand your fusion dance with multi-channel connection, dynamic artistry, and scalable material from across a whole spectrum of dance genres.

Workshop 2: Beyond the Binary - developing extended techniques for connected and artistic trios/quartets/moretets/multi-partner dances using the lead/follow/switch language.

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Individual Study

Private solo and group lessons are also available upon request. 


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